How I organized my writing process


Writing a book is hard work, but getting organized makes it easier.


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Writing a book is hard work; I said after my first one I would never do it again, yet I am now waiting for my second book to be published in just under two months! 

It takes more than a great idea to write a book. In today’s blog, I’m sharing my secrets on how I organized my writing process.

You don’t need to quit your full-time job if you’re efficient

I do a variety of consulting projects related to improving business efficiency and helping entrepreneurs get organized, I teach undergrad business courses and an MBA class, I write books about organizing, I share my advice and tips consistently on my social media channels, I sell products that I know will make your life more efficient, I speak at corporate events and conferences (plus I am organizing a conference in Whistler with another #girlboss, stay tuned), I facilitate workshops, I collaborate with media for articles and tv appearances, I manage my rental property in the Bahamas, I help my parents run their resort business, and I am helping develop a tech startup which focuses on designing a video game for the construction industry.

Needless to say, I am busy! And amongst all of these projects, I still managed to write a book. Its all about time management. Learn how to effectively manage your calendar, batch your tasks, and prioritize your to-dos. Revisit previous blog posts to learn more about optimizing your time management.


Dedicate time daily

Simply schedule one hour a day to write versus an entire day or week.

When I was writing my book, I had very tight deadlines so I dedicated two hours daily to writing 6 days a week and I did this between 9-11 p.m. For some reason, my writing flowed at this time and I also had the least amount of distractions. 

Use a Timecube

Seriously, this cube keeps me on track. I don’t know what it is - if the number keeps staring at me, I literally only do the task at hand until it beeps. 

I hope these tips will help not only your writing process but any tasks!

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Next week, I’ll be sharing how I organized my upcoming book tour and marketing! 


Ready to get organized?

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