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Are you dreaming of getting your book published? Follow these steps to make it a reality.


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Today it is harder than ever to get your book in front of agents and publishers as they are not only bombarded with daily book proposals and pitches, but the book industry has become extremely saturated. However, I was determined to get my second book published by a reputable publisher, and now I am working on my third!

Whether you’re in the process of writing a non-fiction book or have always dreamed about writing one, this blog will help you determine how to get in front of a publisher and successfully get signed with one.

Take a book proposal writing course

You can be the best writer and have the best book idea but unless you make a fantastic book proposal, agents and publishers will not look at it.  There is a true strategy to this like any business or investment proposal.  Check out this online course I took with Jen Sincero to create an effective proposal.

Have a rock-solid brand and team already in place

To be seen as a credible expert in your field, you need to have an established brand.

You should have at least some sort of social media following, and should regularly post about the topics you’re writing about. Additionally, a professionally-made website that further explains your offerings is essential. Not only is an online presence paramount, but so is a real-life presence. Speaking at or being a part of conferences related to the topic you’re passionate about will help you build a real-life following and also help your brand’s word-of-mouth marketing.

If you have the budget, invest in a PR person to help you get press to spread your message and again be seen as credible to potential publishers.

Be prepared for rejection

Think of approaching book publishers the same way a start-up would approach potential investors. You may need to approach hundreds of agents to get a few that are interested in putting you in front of publishers. You could go directly to publishers, but you have less chances of getting noticed. The more work you do on your brand beforehand, the easier it will be to get an agent and then a publisher. Be prepared for lots of rejection and and not hearing back from publishers, and keep your head up. If you have a rock solid brand, a great idea, an effective book proposal and determination, you will get noticed! 

I hope this blog helped you gain clarity on your next steps to get your book published.

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