3 efficiency tips for project management


Learn how to seamlessly manage your projects.


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Since being a global project manager in Europe, I always had several projects on the go. It’s important that once you’ve structured your projects that you stay efficient throughout the entire process. 

Today, I’m sharing my top three tips for organizing projects.  These tips were my lifesavers to keep all my projects organized and stay on track.

Be present in the planning

As a project manager, it is important that you are involved in all of the different stages of planning. If you are involved in the beginning stages, you will likely be able to avoid certain issues and come up with cost effective ideas and strategies. Being present also ensures that you are in the loop and are informed of the details going into the project.


Manage Time Wisely

I use my calendar and time cubes to help keep me on track and stay productive. The more effective you can be with your time management, the less stress you’ll feel managing multiple projects.

Implement the best software/tools for your project

You don’t need fancy software, but you probably need some kind of tool to help you succeed. Whether you use Trello for keeping conversations with team members, an excel spreadsheet, or a full-blown project management software, get clear on what can help you meet your goals.


Ready to get organized?

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