Jane Stoller, critically-acclaimed author, speaker, and life-biz organizer

My Story

My love for organizing began at an early age. Born and raised on a small farm in Seeley’s Bay, Ontario, Canada, I would line up all of my pet cats by size, books by publication date and stuffed animals by color.

I grew up to work for one of the largest cement companies in the world, climbing the corporate ladder. This moved me all over Canada, and then onto Zurich, Switzerland. I gained invaluable skills throughout my career, but realized I wasn’t following my passion and was lacking some much-needed flexibility in my life. So in 2017 I founded Organized Jane.

It started off with organizing spaces and business processes for my friends and family, just for fun. That went so well that I wrote and self-published my first book, Organizing for Your Lifestyle, which gained international attention. I’m currently writing my second book, Decluttering for Dummies, which will be published November 21st 2019. Soon after I will write my third book, which is in deals with a publisher and name to be released soon!. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates.