Why we all need inspirational people around us

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I could have easily given up on making organizing my career, but I built a tribe of inspiring people through seeking mentorship and coaching.


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Your success is directly influenced by the people you surround yourself with. This is why I’ve planned the Unleash Collective - an event for women who want to make bold leaps into their careers and personal lives by getting organized. I’ve planned this conference as I truly believe in the power of having a supportive tribe of mentors, friends and coaches throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

Here’s why:

The first time I started my business, I didn’t have a tribe of inspiring people to help support me, and since I didn’t believe in myself, my business failed.

The second time around, I was committed to my success. I sough mentorship, coaching, and began collaborating with aligning individuals who were as interested in personal growth as I am. Needless to say, bringing together like-minded people who were laser-focused helped encourage me to stay consistent with my business and help it succeed.

I could have easily given up on making organizing my career, but I trusted my intuition, sought support, and ended up creating a business doing what I love. 

Many people have asked me what was my turning point was to committing to my business, and what inspired me to get outside my comfort zone and overcome my belief that I needed to become a corporate world CEO to be successful.

My turning point was gradual, the cumulative result of surrounding myself with a tribe of positive mentors, mostly through books, courses, and coaching, and through interactions with the business bloggers I followed over many years.

Here are a few reasons why we all need inspirational people around us:

To gain encouragement

Trust me, I failed this exact same business I have now because I didn’t seek proper mentors or get advice from the people who cared about my success. Often the first negative or discouraging advice we get when we start our business can deter us from committing to it. If I had sought out more support like I did the second time I started my business, I would not have abandoned it the first time. 

To get helpful advice

Everyone will have an opinion and feedback about what you’re doing. While advice can be helpful, if someone who has little to no experience in business gives you their opinion, you can kindly disregard it. It’s important to trust yourself enough to make steps forward regardless of people’s opinions, and listen only to the ones that will impact you. Don’t remain stagnant or overthink things; you and the people who support you usually know best, so own it!

To stay motivated

Everyone needs a good network to support them, and I’m no exception. Inspiring people can help you stay motivated throughout all of the ups and downs of your business. For me, I have a few people who have motivated me and continue to do so. My personal branding coach Think Natalia helped me not only develop a personal branding strategy, but also helped me get over my fears of self-marketing. Many authors such as Jen Sincero, Tim Ferriss, and Nicole Lapin motivated me as well.  It’s a great idea to follow people you look up to on social media to stay inspired. Plus, many of my friends and family continue to support me when I’m having moments of self-doubt.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, head to Unleash Collective for more events that are bringing together inspirational people to follow and meet in real life as well!

Next week, I will be doing a collaboration with Zoey Arielle, one of our keynote speakers from the Unleash Collective to discuss how she got laser focused after minimizing her life.  

Ready to get organized?

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