All about minimalism with life coach, author and YouTuber Zoey Arielle.


Minimalism means different things to different people. The key is to find out what works for you.


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I had the pleasure of collaborating with published author, Certified Life Coach, and YouTuber Zoey Arielle.  We are getting real and talking about clutter, minimalism and the importance of creating your own version of minimalism. 

Zoey shares her journey of minimalism and how she used to use '“stuff” to fill a void she felt in her life. Zoey also shares how she has been able to maintain a minimalistic approach in all aspects of her life, including her mindset.

Zoey is one of our keynote speakers at the Unleash Collective conference held this November in Whistler, BC. Please see the video to watch the entire Q & A style interview!

What minimalism means to me

Let’s talk about “stuff.” Since I am a decluttering expert and I know you also live a minimalist lifestyle. For me, minimalism has been something I've learned through living and working abroad for my previous corporate career. Since I was always on the go, I had to minimize my belongings and determine what I truly needed. While this was difficult at first, I've learned to love living more simply (except for shoes - I can never part with my many pairs!) 

Minimalism means different things to different people. I have had lots of negativity around this word as I am a shopper, and I am not denying it! For myself me, minimalism means being more conscious and mindful of my purchases, and taking a hard look at how the items I already own impact me on a daily basis. 


Next week, I will be doing another collaboration with my co-founder of the Unleash Collective, Shannon Frame. We will be diving deep into the how and why we started this conference.     

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