Top tips for being a "miss minimalist" (FROM A TRUE GURU)


Some tips from a true minimalist guru who is coined “Miss minimalist”


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This week, I’m giving some tips from a true minimalist guru who has a famous blog and books, and is also coined“Miss minimalist.”

If you’re reading this, you’re likely interested in living a bit more minimally. These tricks will be sure to get you excited and started on the right path, as well as help you explain your new lifestyle to friends and family and get them on board!

Be honest

Get clear on why you’re embracing a minimalist lifestyle. If you’re looking to have more freedom, flexibility, reduced stress or even save money, getting honest will help you refine your goals.

Adopt a positive mindset

Realize all of the positive benefits of having a minimalist lifestyle versus all of the negatives of your previous lifestyle. For example, talk about all of the benefits that have come into your life since getting rid of your TV in order to read and write more. Focus on the good, and you’ll help inspire others!

Give examples 

Many people have a hard time relating to minimalist living, however if you explain why owning and buying less helps you have a happier life, they’ll understand better.

focus on yourself

If people ask why you’re adopting this lifestyle, make it about you and not them. Instead of saying you don’t want to end up like your friend in debt, explain how consuming less feels better for you (and your finances).

avoid preaching

Instead of telling others that they ‘should’ become a minimalist like you, simply be happy with the way you’re living your life.

Show, don’t tell

Actions speak louder than words. Show your friends your decluttered, minimalist spaces and watch how helping them see your new life will inspire them to create a better one.

Recruit a friend

Get a friend to help you declutter your closet or attic; it’ll give them a first-hand look at how and why you’re minimizing your items. It may just inspire them to get rid of their own clutter!

Next week I will be continuing my minimalism series and sharing some tips on how to encourage your entourage to also help you with this quest. This could be coworkers, family or friends. 


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