3 steps to a more minimalist life (QUICK AND EASY)


Keep the essentials for a more simple, stress-free life.


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I am sure we have all heard that minimalism is trending. Well I love trends and I am not a true minimalist but I have learned a trick or two about living a more minimalist lifestyle. This has even allowed me to travel frequently and live and work remotely.

If you’re dreaming of not being bogged down by so much stuff or constantly stressed about owning so many items, minimalism may be helpful for you. I don’t say only keep one plate or pair of shoes but here are some ideas to jump start your thinking.

Focus on your lifestyle priorities 

To start, make a list of your priorities surrounding your lifestyle. Is it spending time with your family, or maybe exercising more? Whatever your lifestyle is should align with your minimalist lifestyle. If you never exercise and have clothes for every sport on the planet this is where you could minimize and stop buying.  You might have some priorities where you think you actually need to buy more but before that watch for the next tip.

Before you buy, look at your inventory  

Knowing what you have is key before you can start to live a minimalist lifestyle. If you don’t know, start making an inventory on an app or on paper. This goes for anything that you are frequently buying like clothes or sports equipment.

Ask for help and be held accountable 

Tell your friends /family/coworkers that you are trying to be a bit more minimalist and you would like their help in holding you accountable. You would be surprised how the trend catches on! In my experience, kids love joining in to repurpose items and coworkers enjoy stopping printing unnecessary emails. The trend is catchy. 

Next week I will be continuing my minimalism series and sharing top tips from a true minimalist guru herself, Francine Jay.


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