How to encourage a minimalist mindset (TO FAMILY AND COWORKERS)


It’s important that your entourage can also help you!


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If you are dreaming of becoming more minimalistic, or if you’re already on the path, it is important that your entourage can also help you!

If you are wanting to know how to not only persuade your friends, coworkers or family to help you with your minimalist lifestyle but also get them motivated, read this blog for my top tips.

Have a sense of Humor 

Yes, this tip might surprise you, but I think humour helps improve every aspect of your life. Even if you have a lot of stuff and want to minimize it, you can make jokes or say you are learning to appreciate the lighter side of living outside the status quo.

Share success stories from others   

If you provide third-party data or research, or simply someone else telling your kids about the benefits other than yourself, this tends to help. Steal words of other bloggers or articles you have found to give you reasoning.

You’re sure to find a relevant blog post you can forward along. At the very least, they’ll know you’re not the only “crazy trying-to-be-a-minimalist” out there!

Now you have some ideas to help encourage the people around you to help out! Next week I will be starting a four-part series on closet organizing - my favourite topic. I will start with sharing some key fast and simple closet organizing tips and if you already started decluttering, they will be a breeze.


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