4 steps to effective project management


Do you want to learn the basics of project management?


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Do you want to learn the basics of project management?  I’m sharing my top advice on the way to structure your projects, whether for your work or personal life.

I am very well-versed in this since I was a global project manager in Europe and always had several projects on the go. These tips were my lifesavers to keep all my projects organized and keep me on track.

Here are the steps:

Map out the project

a.     Determine the real problem to solve

b.     Identify Stakeholders

c.     Define Objectives

Build- up

a.     Assemble team

b.     Plan task

c.     Create the schedule

d.     Have a kick-off meeting

e.     Develop a budget


a.     Monitor and control process and budget

b.     Create progress reports

c.     Plan and hold weekly meetings/updates

d.     Manage problems


a.   Evaluate

b.   Close the project

c.   Debrief the project and determine what was learned

Whether you work on one project at work or several or you have many personal projects, I hope that these tips help to make your projects more efficient.

Next week I will be sharing my top 3 efficiency tips for project management

Ready to get organized?

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