Declutter and get laser-focused with founders of the UNLEASH Collective

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The UNLEASH Collective is an event that brings together women and men who want to take bold leaps in their careers and lives by getting laser-focused.


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Today, Shannon Frame, my co-founder and business partner of the UNLEASH Collective, are speaking about the how and why behind this inspiring conference taking place in Whistler, BC on November 15, 2019.

Long-time friends, Shannon and I had always admired each other’s business successes and lifestyle choices. Living apart for years, we were finally reunited in Whistler - a place near and dear to both of us. It was there, outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, and after a few Aperol spritzes, that we found ourselves continuously chatting about how many amazing and truly inspirational people we were surrounded by, and who have helped motivate us to achieve our dream lifestyles. Removing clutter, getting focused and having unwavering determination seemed to consistently come up in our chats.

Our idea to bring these like-minded types of people together was soon born, as we were passionate about motivating, inspiring, and helping each other take that transformational energy home to elevate our next steps in life - whatever they might be! 

Shannon and I are both firm believers that to achieve your dreams, you need to be organized. Between my organizing and business coaching to help people physically and digitally declutter and Shannon’s experience with breathwork and meditation to help people mentally declutter, we decided to pool our experience and offer an event to help people make bold leaps by becoming decluttered in all aspects of their lives.  

We’re so excited about all of the incredible keynote speakers and workshop leaders we have joining the event, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

P.S. Next week is my one year anniversary from when I rebranded and started my YouTube channel, therefor I’ve created an anniversary special about the day I got over my fears, started my business, and even started using expensive pens!


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