How to start the decluttering process (PROVEN TO WORK)


Simple, quick tips to start the decluttering process.


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Do you want some simple quick tips to start the decluttering process? Often, we are scared to even start or think about decluttering as we don’t know where to start!

In this blog post I’m sharing my 3 big decluttering tips that work and I use almost everyday! 

Prioritize where to start and make a plan

Start with a spot that is causing you the most stress or is the most inefficient, then map out the next areas after this. As with anything in life, having a plan will go a long way!

Emotional / Practical / Trash/ Donate/ Repurpose 

Determine what is emotional, practical, trash, or fit for a donation or repurposing. It will be tough but just do it. I can’t give you the secret formula to what should go in each pile but really truly do this for yourself, make some hard judgment calls and maybe even use a time cube to help you do it quickly vs. agonizing over it. 

Sustain this process forever 

Now make permanent boxes with the labels discussed above. Make them pretty if you think it will help to keep them front and centre, and ensure you them in sight all the time. This will help keep decluttering top of mind! 

Ready to get organized?

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