How to organize your business processes (like a GIRL BOSS)


Save time and make more money by improving your business processes.


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Do you know if your business processes are as efficient as they could be? Do you know if your losing time, or if there would be a better way to improve your processes to save you time and make more money?

Often, we do things the same, habitual way because this is the way we always did things. I’m sharing a few tips to help you hone in on your processes to ensure you’re the most productive you can be.

Step 1: Review your business goals

This is a great way to remind yourself why you are in business in the first place! Review your goals, and ask yourself if they align with where you spend the majority of your time. Do you have a clear path on how to achieve your goals? These questions can help you dig deeper to find out what processes you already have in place to reach your goals and what you might need to change to achieve them. 


Step 2: Map out your main processes

Now that you’ve spent some time reviewing your goals, map out your top processes in a flow chart. For a small business, having up to three or four sales processes is completely normal. 


Step 3: Review your current process

From your maps, review your current processes. Pinpoint bottlenecks, for example, where you can’t get enough output, and where your business is being stalled because you can’t service clients or get enough products out. Circle the areas of improvement. 

Step 4: Improve and create new processes

From your current processes, review the circled areas. Can you improve them or do you need to create brand new ones? This is where you also might need to enlist professional support or even consultants who focus on process improvements. The cost of hiring out support on this could be the change your business needs to expand and grow. I spent the final three years of my corporate career on performance improvement mainly around business processes in an internal consulting role. It was tremendous the amount I learned on how consultants can help with this part of businesses, and it is well worth the investment. I also still offer specific consulting support. 


Ready to get organized?

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