How to organize your calendar effectively for your lifestyle (without being crazy planned to the second)


Do you ever wish your calendar was better organized, more effective, or maybe even less planned?


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Do you want ideas to help make your calendar more productive for your life?  Keep reading for effective ways to make your calendar work for you without creating overwhelm or limiting creativity!

Do you ever wish your calendar was more organized, more effective, or maybe even less planned? By the end of this post you will have easy steps to help make your calendar fit into your life and work towards your creative gaols! I have shared these tips with friends, coworkers and clients, which all helped to increase their planning. Plus, I talk extensively about planning in my book. Also I’m offering a quick download of creative colour-coding examples to help get you started with your calendar planning!

Time blocking and time cubes

You have probably heard this before, but if you truly block time you get things done… I go so far as using a time cube. I got it for $6.99 on amazon and it was the best investment ever. 

When blocking time in your calendar to actually do work (not checking email or Facebook), having this time cube staring at you helps. Shut off the internet if you don’t need it, put that cube in front of your computer, shut off your phone, put an out of office on your email, whatever it takes and get to work until the cube stops. 

Use this strategy in your calendar. When a project comes up, immediately block time to work on it, getting started with planning before it is too late! Block strategically rather than blocking an entire day for something. Block in one hour or less working blocks.

My signature organizing e-course helps to identify tasks that require time blocks and how to use them to increase your efficiency.


Colour coding not only makes your calendar look pretty, but it works. It is perfect for google and mac calendars, however I am sure most calendars have some form of colours and even the old school written agendas you can use different colour pens!

Colour coding also helps for a quick glance overview. For example, if you have meetings in Red and when you open your calendar you only see Red, maybe you have too many meetings?  For me when I am missing the light pink I know I know I am not working out enough.

Integrations/meeting planning

I don’t know about you, but I hate going back and forth to plan meetings with friends or coworkers. When may calendar is shared then my free time shows up and that time can be booked, simple as that! Of course, people whom you are sharing your calendar with need to be diligent in also using it properly and sticking to it, but stand firm. I don’t take meetings unless it is booked in my calendar!

45 minute or less meetings

I never book an hour meeting. If you plan your meeting, you can get it done in 45 minutes or less. Plus, it gives the illusion you are busy and organized so everyone usually comes to the meeting better prepared.


Some people like to have every minute planned from the moment they wake up to time they go to bed. It might look great for efficiency, but there needs to be some “free time” especially for reflection and creativity. Even CEOs need this time blocked to reflect and actually create hypothesis on their findings.

Now that you know my general tips for calendar management I hope it will help make your calendar more fun and efficient.

Next week I am sharing some key tips for saving time in your closet including my key app that keeps track of everything for me!

Ready to get organized?

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