How to save time in your closet (having your wardrobe at your fingertips instantly)


Even after decluttering your closet are you still are wasting time?


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Do you know you waste time in your closet looking for things, wondering what to wear, or taking care of items as they are not hung or folded properly?  Even after decluttering are you still are wasting time?

If your dreaming of getting your closet a little or allot more organized by the end of this post you will have a few tips you can try right away. I have shared these tips with friends, coworkers and clients which all helped to save them time. Plus, I have written a book that included these main tips. I am also giving away a free downloadable chapter of my book dedicated to closet organization.

Create a system

Before you start this you should really overhaul your closet at least once a year if not twice or quarterly! Donate, sell, toss, repurpose, tailor….

Once that is done, create a system that works for you. Have your most worn clothes front and centre for easy to access. And have the latest season in front of you. I always say organize for what you use, it does not need to look magazine perfect but should be functional  My signature organizing e-course helps to really break down the planning and fitting your 80/20 wear rule ratio into your closet and your lifestyle.

Know what you have

II believe it is important to know what is in your closet even if you are not standing in front of it.  If you don’t have that many items it might be easy to do this mentally, however I have not met anyone yet able to do this.

So get an app! Today there are apps that even pick your outfits daily. I have experimented with many of these and although they do help you to wear things you sometimes would not wear, I still prefer choosing organically. Or at least asking Alexa or my friends to help. 

Therefore, an app that has all of your clothes will do. When you’re in a taxi ride home from the airport you can plan your outfit from the next day on your phone, how amazing is that! You can plan you vacation outfits while at your kids soccer game. You get the point. We often do a better job selecting with pictures rather than looking at the closet full of clothes as this is overwhelming and also time consuming. 

Plus when your friend asks you what your wearing to that wedding show them your dress on your phone, they will be impressed, just be careful they might browse and want to borrow your clothes!

My friends and clients always say it will take them forever to put every single item into their phone! Yes, it does take time. Invite a friend, have a glass of wine and it will be done in no time, plus the savings will well go beyond the few hours inputting pictures. As well it also helps to limit me from buying too much, as I know I will have to add it to the app.. mental thing. 


Now you know key tips for saving time in your closet I hope you have fun getting it more organized.  I am so passionate about sharing my closet organizing ideas and I am giving a free downloadable chapter of my book dedicated to closet organizing.

Ready to get organized?

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