What and how to outsource - (small tasks can improve productivity and quality of life)


Have you heard about using freelancers and outsourcing digital tasks but don’t know where to start?


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Have you heard about using freelancers and outsourcing digital tasks but don’t know where to start? In both your personal and work life, outsourcing tasks can help increase productivity and your quality of life.  Keep reading for my examples on how to outsource small tasks.

If you wish you could get rid of a few annoying tasks in your life and/or business that would free up so much of your time, you are reading the right post! I have shared this philosophy with friends, coworkers, and clients and they all have seen results in their productivity and quality of life. My book also talks about this concept and relates it to saving time. I am also sharing my key outsourcing template that I use for keeping track of hours that can be downloaded here.

What to outsource

We all know about things we can outsource the typical ones being cleaning, yard work, day care, and laundry. They save time and improve our quality of life, plus allow you to work on other things. But what about all your digital tasks? There are way too many but here are few examples:

  • Programming

  • SEO, driving Web traffic

  • Link-building

  • Managing business processes

  • Customer service

  • Social media management

  • Telemarketing

  • Digital publishing

  • Writing

  • Data entry/repetitive tasks

My signature organizing e-course helps to identify key tasks that are consuming your time but brining you little return.

How to outsource

So where do you find this digital help? Before we would head to kijjii and Craigslist but that would give more local support.  Today with the rising gig economy, sites like Upwork and Fiver are mainstream. 

These are great sites because they protect both the freelancer and client. Plus you can post jobs, search freelancers that are qualified and also freelancers will send their proposals to you. It is all in a safe environment and of course you can use reviews to see the type and quality of their work. I often try to jump on a video call before hiring so it does feel a bit more personal.

In my latest Youtube video I give an example of how Upwok works and this video is linked below.

Now you have a better idea of some tasks that can be outsourced and how to do it. The tasks should be ones that you know would save you time by outsourcing them, and increase your ability to spend time on other parts of your life or business.

Next week I will be sharing some of my key calendar organizing tips! Don’t worry, it is not crazy structured as I actually like to focus big picture goals and stay creative!

Ready to get organized?

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