Top finance organizing tips (collab with a finance expert)

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Are you stuck on how to get your finances more organized? Read this post for some tips from a financial expert.

Tiffany Aliche is America’s favourite financial educator from ‘Budgetnista,” and I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to her at the Texas Women’s Conference in November 2018.

I enjoyed her simple approach to finances and had a follow-up call with her to dig a bit deeper. Tiffany outlined three key areas for financial abundance: save, have a budget, and understand your credit score.

I asked Tiffany about how long it takes to get financially organized, and she said you can start today. Her book, Live Rich Challenge has a daily task for 36 days to help start your financial goals. Similar to my organizing method, Tiffany says work with your budget daily in order to make it an organic part of your routine.

I asked Tiffany what tools are best for budgeting and she recommends keeping it simple. Nothing complicated, and no overly fancy software or apps are needed. Even an excel spreadsheet will do! The key is to understand your budget, and her book and online courses help navigate this.



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