Organized travel tips (with an adventure travel business expert)

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Learn how to travel more and stress less.


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Most of us want to travel more with less stress, however we often struggle with overpacking or dread the packing process entirely.  I also struggled with this until I went on a two-week holiday on the back of a motorcycle where I had to fit everything I needed into a tiny bag. It changed my packing life forever!

Not only do I love to travel, but I also love a good adventure. From backcountry skiing, to surfing, to remote camping, I’ve learned to hone in on what I need for the occasion without overpacking.

My book includes an entire chapter on travel packing, and it can be downloaded for free to help get you started.

By the end of this post, you will have a fool-proof method to help make your adventure travel more efficient. I am offering a free downloadable chapter of my book dedicated to travel organizing. I’ve collaborated with Max Webster who is an adventure travel business owner of Hastings Overland, and he’ll be sharing his top tips for packing light. Use the code OrganizedJane to get a free trip plan valued at $200 with this mention. These trip plans will let you explore the “Instagram-worthy” BC like a local!

Travel essentials

When I travel for work or fun I always try to stick to my carry-on rule. However, this is a bit different for a camping trip.  Webster shared his tips for packing light (while also gearing for adventure). His business revolutionarily changes the way we pack for camping, since he caters to those living in small dwellings with no room for storing camping gear. As soon as someone books with Hastings Overland, they are sent a list of camping items that are included and what they can add-on to their trip, such as bike racks.

Here are my travel essentials, with Webster’s addition below:

  • A travel wallet – with all travel items that always stay in it

  • A fully-packed toiletry bag with travel size liquids

  • A good quality carry-on 

  • An oversized shawl or scarf that I can wear or use to cover up and get comfortable while in transit

Max suggested to take a Spot satellite radio that works everywhere, from back country BC to Rajasthan, India. This allows you to press a button and let all local authorities know where you are (these are included in every Hastings Overland jeep rental).

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