Simple and fast closet organizing tips (YOU CAN START TODAY)


Stuck on how and where to start the often overwhelming task of organizing your closet?


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Organizing doesn’t have to be complicated. I know it can feel daunting, especially when you’re feeling stuck on how and where to start organizing your closet. I’m sharing some helpful tips so you can begin the process - today!

If you’re dreaming of an organized closet (especially after losing time everyday searching for clothes), by the end of this blog post you’ll gain some quick and easy ideas to implement into your closet organizing project.

Often, getting started is the biggest challenge. I have helped friends and clients bust through this struggle. Disclaimer: the end result might not be a perfect, magazine-ready closet, but it will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Here’s how to get started:

Splurge on matching hangers

Your clothes deserve the best treatment on and off your body. When you stock up on wooden or padded hangers, your clothes will look beautiful and organized.

Hang Strategically

The easiest way to end up with a disorganized closet is by hanging up clothes without even thinking about it. To keep things sectioned off, hang blouses, tops, and skirts above built-in shelves, and long dresses and pants where nothing is underneath.

Keep Your Top Shelf In Shape

Fall in love with shelf dividers. These handy organizers have the ability to keep different items separate, while also preventing piles from toppling over so you can stack sweaters way higher.

Now you have some ideas to quick start your closet organizing. Next week, I will be continuing my closet organizing series and will be giving some simple shoe and handbag organizing techniques.  

Ready to get organized?

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