How to organize your accessories


Learn how to organize your accessories for maximum impact and efficiency.


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It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with organizing your accessories. I’ve noticed with friends, family, and even myself that if accessories aren’t organized, they rarely get worn or used. If you want to look and feel more polished and put together, keep reading for my simple tips.


We often forget about organizing our hats, but with just a few thumbtacks your hats can be hung on an empty wall space. 


I recommend using a coat rack to hang all of your accessories. This way, you can see all of your items, increasing their use and wear.


Wine racks are my best organizing hack for handbags and clutches. Wine racks provide an easy-to-store organizing method. Plus, they help keep your items in good condition!


Clear vases are great for belts as they fold naturally and you can see where they are! 


Hanging baskets for the kitchen work great for scarves. Plus, you can stack according to size. Tying them in special knots on hangers also works wonders. 

Now, you have some fun ideas to store accessories and that are totally versatile using items that you probably already have in your home! Next week I will be completing my 4-part series on closet organizing with my very requested closet tour!


Ready to get organized?

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