Makeup organizing tips (minimalist makeup organization – PLUS MY BATHROOM TOUR)


Do you wish your makeup and beauty products were better organized?


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Are you stuck on how to organize your beauty products? Cosmetics and makeup are a necessity, and as we get older, we seem to need more and more lotions, creams, and miracle serums. These added products often cause a disorganized mess. Not to mention, there’s also the danger of ruining your expensive lotions by not storing them properly. Read this post for tips on how to keep your makeup tidy.  At the end of this post I will be giving away a free downloadable chapter of my book dedicated to Bathroom organizing. 

Sober up your makeup

This video will be focused on mainly makeup products but you could also use organize your skin creams, lotions etc. in the same way. Before you figure out the space you have or need, I recommend going through all your makeup. 

I am 100% sure that you’ll find items that have expired, or that you simply don’t use; you need to get rid of this stuff ASAP. Once you toss your old cosmetics, skin care products, and other medicines and toiletries, it’s time to sort the rest. Similar to organizing your closet, you can start to organize these items by preparing four labelled boxes.

My signature organizing e-course helps to really break down the planning and fitting it into your lifestyle.


Everyday Use

Weekly Use

Spare Products

Giveaway (don’t use these products)

Then start sorting. I love container store items to store my everyday use items front and centre and my spare products tucked away. Watch the video below for a bathroom tour of how I store my makeup.

Now you know some of my key makeup organizing, click the link below to get my downloadable guide to organizing your bathroom.  

Next week I will be sharing my workspace organizing tips. Please share and comment below if this video was useful in any way! 

Ready to get organized?

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