How to stay organized in life (guaranteed to help you stay productive)


Have you started to get more organized but want to make sure you stay organized?


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Are you stuck on how to stay organized? Keep reading for my key strategies to stay organized

If you have started to get more organized but want to make sure you stay on track, by the end of this post you will have 3 steps that can be incorporated into your entire life, not only your business and/or closet! I have proved these steps with friends and clients and in my book I incorporate many of these tricks. I truly believe organizing should fit your entire life and be holistic from your house to office and vice versa.

As a thank you for reading, I am giving away a free downloadable chapter of my book on organizing motivation to help keep the organizing momentum going.   

Let’s stick to our organizing routines!

1. Get started and get support

To start, I would set aside time daily to organize, even if it’s just ten minutes at the beginning or end of your day. If you do this, you’ll instantly feel like you’ve achieved something, and yes, I said every day; if you continue to make organizing a daily goal, it will become a priority, and soon enough, you’ll be organizing naturally.

Try to think about something tangible to organize and then jump in! you’ll be encouraged to continue once you actually start experiencing the benefits.

For support: tell everyone about your organizing goals so that you can garner encouragement from friends and family. Similar to when you want to reach a health or fitness goal, telling people about your organizing goals will help motivate you; once people are watching, you won’t want to fail! Tell your friends you’re on a track to get more organized, and even ask them over to help de-clutter. My signature organizing e-course helps to really break down your organizing goals and ensures they fit into your lifestyle.

2.    Practical vs. Pretty

Always be ready and willing to assess your newly organized spaces, and decide if they’re truly functional, or if they’re too complicated; if they’re too complicated, re-evaluate and re-organize so that things make the most sense for your daily life. As you’re no doubt aware by now, I personally think it’s very important for every last detail of my own closet to look impeccable. However, it’s sometimes necessary to choose the practical solution over the prettiest one; otherwise, you might be inclined to create an even larger disorganized mess.

For example: if you love the look of having your shirts colour coordinated, but then always find yourself searching for different types of shirts or sleeve lengths, why not organize for type or sleeve length, rather than by colour? Organizing shirts by sleeve length may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but it will support your organizing goals, and will likely save time.

And my mantra is that organizing has to fit YOUR lifestyle, which usually does not mean magazine perfect, but functional.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve It
— Management Guru Peter Drucker

3. Measure and Celebrate Success

What you can’t measure how do you know you know you succeeded? Make sure to get before and after photos or even time saving proof to gauge the efficiency of a new process you implemented. Then celebrate when you have achieved your success!

Now that you know some of my quick tips to help you stay organized download the first chapter in my book which goes deep into the science behind organizing to hopefully help keep the organizing motivation going.

Next week I am sharing my number one productivity tip. It’s a game changer.

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