Folding a fitted sheet in under a minute


Wondering how to have perfectly folded, fitted sheets?


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Are you stuck on how to quickly fold fitted sheets? Keep reading for my one-minute tutorial on this topic

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Everyone who knows me knows that my fitted sheets are always folded perfectly. My mom is still amazed by the technique I taught her for folding fitted sheets—and she owns a resort, so she folds a lot of fitted sheets!

My short lesson: place your hands in each of the corners, and place one corner inside the other. Then lay the sheet flat, and perform the same action on the other side. Now you’ll have a rectangle shape that you can neatly fold into three, and then double over once or twice for the perfect fold. If you have a laundry room with a huge folding table, this would be an ideal place to fold fitted sheets. Few of us, however, likely have a laundry room that large. I usually fold my fitted sheets on top of my bed, as it’s the perfect size.

Alternatively, folding fitted sheets with two people is even easier, as you each can grab two corners in your hands and meet in the middle. This can make fitted sheet folding fun, especially if you have kids in your home.

Now, you know my quick fitted sheet tip. Next week, I’ll be sharing some tips on folding clothes!

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