Organizing Mindset Masterclass: 4 Week Live Personalized Coaching

I am offering an online course where you will learn how to transform you organizing mindset to make more money, free up your time, and increase your productivity.  Anything can be achieved by being organized and this 4-step process is the key to achieving your goals and beyond! 

The coaching program I have created is a way for you to transform your organizing mindset, attract more time into your life and increase your productivity. Guaranteed results!  You get my full personal attention, no online courses or audio files. 

This is a special training series I put together for you with some of my absolute best content on organizing mindset and you will get exclusive access to my signature 4-step process. Learn the exact simple step-by-step formula I took to make big changes in my business and life and that keeps me organized whatever changing situations take place.



  • Uncover the story that's stopping you from achieving what is really important to you, your main goals, and what to do about it.

  • Get the scoop on how to get and stay organized in all facets of your life and finally feel a relief by fullying transforming your mindset and habits.

  • Gain clarity on how to move forward with your own abundance transformation.


One-On-One Coaching

This personalized coaching program is designed for a tailored deep dive of my signature 4-step organizing process. You’ll get four sessions with me that are an hour in duration over video conferencing.  Coaching sessions are tailored to your specific goals and targets. 

For example, one client reached out for my support setting up her side business. I took her through my 4-step process which involved organizing her space, re-defining her targets and goals, determining time management skills, and putting a plan in place to start her business successfully. Before our coaching sessions, she used to waste 30 minutes every morning staring at a messy closet, overwhelmed by the task of figuring out what to wear. Now, thanks in part to a lifestyle-focused closet, she is finally excited to wake up, get dressed, and get to work—and has more time to do it all.



A free 15-minute consultation is offered to ensure this program is right for you. My schedule is full at the moment. Please click below to join the waitlist.


Project-based Consulting

I provide a variety of tailored consulting services for your business. Book a free 15-minute call with me so we can discuss how I can best benefit your project.

Areas of expertise:

  • Steamlining business processes

  • Human capital and organizational reorganization with a focus on performance improvement

  • Customized training initiatives on productivity and time management



A free 15-minute consultation is offered to ensure this service is right for you.

My schedule is full at the moment. Please click below to join the waitlist.


Speaking gigs

Are you looking for an international keynote speaker for your conference, event or gala dinner? Do you want to instantly increase office productivity? Book me for your next conference, company retreat or event. I guarantee results.

Speaking topics:

  • Productivity and time management

  • Improving business performance

  • Structured, systems-driven organizational routines  



For speaking and media inquiries please contact Charlotte Silverstein.