Ideas for handbag care and storage (luxury bag care included)


Handbag storage has challenged me for years and still does! But I have a few tips to help you.


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Stuck on how to organize your handbags? This topic has challenged me for years and sometimes still does today. However, I have a few tips to help you tackle this challenge.  

Are you dreaming of a giant handbag collection? This post won’t help with that dream but it will help you organize your current handbags, designer or not. I have helped many clients with this and in my book, offer a lot of advice on organizing handbags.  Sign up for my monthly newsletter which always includes my favourite handbag of the month.


Your handbags don’t have to be designer, but they should be good quality staples that are versatile. If you still want designer bags, but they’re out of reach of your budget, consider buying used. If you go this route, though, I would caution you to make sure that you’re buying from a reputable source; you might even see if you can get the bag verified from the original retailer to make sure it’s not a fake. Therefore figure out what you have, what you need for your style, and also what are the handbags you wear the most or let’s say 80% of the time as the other’s might be for special occasions and don’t’ need to be ass accessible.  My signature organizing e-course helps to really break down the planning and fitting it into your lifestyle.


Once you have your collection of handbags you use, it’s important to take care of them. Condition the leather if needed, wipe clean after every use, use a separate bag or compartment if you carry liquids, and if you do notice wear, get it fixed.

Comment below with your favourite handbag. My favourite I own is an LV Neverfull and my dream bag (which I don’t own yet) is a Hermes Birkin, I mean it was named after an actress named Jane so I need to have one someday!

Jane’s handbag pillows

Discussing care, I have several handbags that I want to take extra care of so that they keep their perfect shape. Instead of always stuffing them with tissue paper, random pillows, or whatever else I could find I made pillows for my handbags so it is super easy to now take out the pillow when I need it and put it back in after. 


If you’re going to build or if you have a true walk-in closet system, I’d make sure that the space has shelves or cubby holes to store handbags. If you don’t have a walk-in closet, you can store your handbags in your entrance hallway on a shelf, or in your wardrobe. I prefer to store all of my handbags in their original dust bags to keep them free from dust and damage; the dust bags let them hibernate until I need to use them again. I try to keep the dust bag label visible so I can easily reach for a bag if I need it. Hooks, open storage boxes, and magazine stands can also make handbag storage unique and organized.

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Next week I will be sharing my strategies on how to organize our makeup products. Another favourite of mine as I am true believer in taking care of skin and our cosmetics have to be taken care of as well to help with that. If you like this post or if it will help you in anyway with your handbag storage let me know and share with your friends!

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